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We’ve brought together an assortment of natural health products and water filtration systems that will help you to not only survive through difficult times, but thrive. Don’t hesitate to call or text us at 512-773-6102 if you have any questions.

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John Bush

Hand Sanitizer & Colloidal Silver

Avenger Hand Sanitizer 2 oz.
Alcohol + Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver 16 oz.
20 PPM

Immune Support

Zap! Herbal Immune Formula
Extract of 12 major herbs and spices

Echinacea Herbal Tincture
Immune boosting herb

Turmeric & Black Pepper
Anti-iflammatory & immune support

Water Filtration Systems

NOTE: Due to Michigan statewide shelter-in order, ProPur systems and replacement filters are currently on backorder and could take three weeks or longer to fulfill. If you would like to order one, you will be place in the queue with ProPur and will receive one ASAP. We are in communication with the factory and will ensure your order gets fulfilled. If you do choose to order, please be patient as it may take a while.

ProPur Pitcher
3.5 Liters

ProPur Traveler
1.6 Gallons

$220.00 – 269.00
ProPur Nomad
2 Gallons

$279.00 – $339.00
ProPur Big
2.75 Gallons

Replacement Filters

G2.0 M
Pitcher Filter

G 2.0 5″
Traveler Filter


One G2.0 7″
Nomad & Big Filters

Two G2.0 7″
Nomad & Big Filters

Three G2.0 7″
Nomad & Big Filters